A software company

We believe in the transformative power of software. Through modern software, the Internet connects us as neighbors, empowers us to think and grow, and frees our minds to focus on what matters most. It all starts with an idea. Eric and May transform ideas into real goals and accomplishments.

Who We Are

Eric and May is a custom software house. We love to build all kinds of software for business, community, and personal use. Since 2005, we have been providing solutions to industry, large and small, hand tailored to meet specific needs.

What we do


Need a proof of concept or MVP to strengthen your fund-raising pitch? From requirements to results, we strive for a fluid and transparent experience.

Community Projects

We specialise in non-profit, fund-raising software and build family-focused applications for social goods and to support community growth.

Enterprise Systems

Think paperless processes, client portals and email marketing systems integration. We engineer work precesses for sales, marketing, finance and legal departments.

Process Automation

Accelerate your workflow with custom UI/UX. Our analysts are experts in both business and software processes.

Government Projects

From federal, state and county to city contracts and subcontracts, our custom and advanced software technology solutions work for all levels.

Commercial R&D

Looking for solutions on the bleeding edge? Our portfolio includes artificial intelligence, Internet of things, and big data analytics.

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